General Questions

1When was this company founded?
The Shen Long Company was founded in September 2007.
2What is the difference between Shen Long and Snowkleen?
Shen Long is the company name, and Snowkleen is the main brand we carry.
3How much employees work for Shen Long?
Shen Long has a staff of more than 50 people, mostly Surinamese people.
4Which products are produced?
Shen Long offers an extensive selection of Toilet Paper, Kitchen Towels, Napkins and Baby diapers. But our product range has recently been expanded with sanitary pads, adult diapers, colored napkins and baby wipes.
5Are these products exported?
Yes! Alot of our products are now being exported to countries like Guyana and Jamaica. We have recently also listed our products on Alibaba.com

Product facts

1Where are these products distributed?
Our products are found in every supermarket in Suriname.
2Do these products have a relative good price?
Yes! We aim to be cheaper than the average Surinamese product within our product range.
3Can we expect an even greater expansion of products?
Yes ofcourse. We recently expanded with four new products and are still expanding.

Customer care

1What to do if not satisfied with our products?
If you are not completely satisfied with one of our products you can always let us know, by sending us a message or giving us a call!
2Can these products be returned?
Because they consist of paper, these products may not be returned, but replacements are made instead.
3On which telephone numbers can I reach you?
You can reach us by calling: + (597) 481543
4Where are you guys located?
We are located at Sir Winston Churchillweg 78 Paramaribo, Suriname
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